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My name is Paolo (Paul), I like outdoor adventures in the wild, mountaneering, climbing, playing music (flute), and the game of Mancala. I can also manage a conversation in English, French and Mandarin Chinese.
In the next page you will find what I honestly must depict as dated info for people who think to travel in China, Korea, France as well as unusual places I used to visit several times.
Those memories give an idea of what I saw, eat, lived on my skin; I also hope they allow people to explore worlds that they may have not yet been able to get to, dreaming about adventures, hiking and so.
The records freeze the time in the middle of the last 10 year of the past century, when budgetary travels still was an art and people more friendly.
I am unable to keep updating this site as I have no more chance to travel abroad because of economic troubles... Who haven't got, today... So I am spending my spare time on the Alps and mountains around my home, exploring new paths or guiding people who want to discover the beuty of the wild areas, and teaching them how to be self-reliant in typical emergency situations.
If you wanna glance to this subject (I means glance for free at the photographic tours), feel free to visit or the related Youtube channel.

Updated: 31.07.2012